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This caused the Harris family to live in various cities across the US, before settling in Atlanta in her teens.

Ciara was instrumental in the creation of the all-girl group Hearsay, although after recording a few demos, the group broke up due to various differences.

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Ciara later appeared in the films Mama I Want to Sing (2011) and That's My Boy (2012).She also released additional albums Fantasy Ride (2009), Basic Instinct (2010) and Ciara (2013).Childhood: Ciara was born to Jackie and Carlton Harris in Austin, Texas.The family moved around a lot during her childhood due to her father's military career.Personal Life: Between 20, Ciara was dating the rapper Bow Wow, although the relationship ended due to him cheating on her.

In 2013, Ciara became engaged to rapper Future, before the two had a son in 2014.

Career: After signing on with record label La Face Records in 2003, Ciara released her first single in 2004, entitled Goodies.

Her debut album by the same name and released in the same year achieved triple platinum status by 2006.

The singer celebrated her pregnancy with a small baby shower this past Saturday (March 22nd) at her private Los Angeles home.

And in attendance were a few A-List pals who hosted the festivities.

However, the two have decided to practice abstinence for religious reasons.