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After the death of her parents, a young girl arrives at a convent and brings a sinister presence with her.

Is it her enigmatic imaginary friend, Alucarda, who is to blame?

” Or how’s about Lei calling Han a “Nerf Herder” or Yoda acting all goofy? So what if Luke has funny looking nuns helping him out? It’s why she hears Luke’s voice in her head when he called her while hanging from the rafters of Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back.

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I have no problem with the ladies taking the spotlight, it’s about time. Now I’ve never been one to hate the Ewoks, because dammit I’ve always dug them. And I’m not one to hate any of the creatures that pop up in the Star Wars universe (Jar-Jar Binks excluded).

From day one Star Wars went hand in hand with merchandising. I mean, cute cuddly creatures have always been a part of Star Wars, and you can’t deny The Porgs are actually cute, so I don’t get this hate either.

Since forever, women were always relegated to playing ‘damsels in distress’ in films, always holding the man’s hand as he went ahead and solved the problem. Cinema is changing and hopefully the world with it. Though when you think about it, Leia was always leading the rebellion, so Star Wars has always been fighting to put women in the forefront in a way. This is something I always applauded about The Force Awakens and it’s something I applaud with The Last Jedi.

Women are in the leading roles, they are at the crux of the plot, they are making the big decisions, they have something to say, it is they who are saving the galaxy.

Some have gone as far as calling it “intrusive”, as if it didn’t belong.

Others felt like The Last Jedi was closer to Spaceballs than Space opera?

They are not being “bossy” they are simply saying what they think and making things happen.

If you don’t like that, it’s time you checked your ways of thinking.

Juan López Moctezuma's gruesome occult film Alucarda tells the tale of Justine and Alucarda, a pair of witches whose friendship has disastrous results for many of the people in their lives.

This infamous film was thought lost until a negative of the movie was discovered.

I can definently see why this Nunsploitation classic has recieved the cult following that it has. After a fairly slow start two girls become possessed by demonic forces, and old school flagellation and exorcism are in need.