Adult hockey camps in wisconsin

NOC & drivers 3022 Tubing mfg.–non-ferrous–for automobile exhaust systems–& drivers 3027 Brass plate, sheet, strip or coil stock mfg.–& drivers 3027 Copper plate, sheet, strip or coil stock mfg.–& drivers 3027 Lead works & drivers 3027 Pipe or tube mfg.–lead–& drivers 3027 Rolling mill NOC & drivers 3028 Pipe or tube mfg.–iron or steel & drivers 3028 Tubing mfg.–iron or steel–for automobile exhaust systems–& drivers 3030 Iron or steel–fabrication–ironworks or steelworks–shop–structural–& drivers 3040 Aircraft landing mats mfg.–by welding & drivers 3040 Balcony fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Burial vault mfg.–metal–& drivers 3040 Crab pot mfg.–& drivers 3040 Door mfg.–metal (heavy metal) 3040 Elevator door fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Fire door fabrication–iron or steel & drivers 3040 Fire escape fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Iron or steel–ironworks–shop– ornamental–& drivers 3040 Railings fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Shutter fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3040 Staircase fabrication–iron or steel–& drivers 3041 Facade fabrication–metal–& drivers 3041 Furniture mfg.–wrought iron–& drivers 3041 Iron or steel–fabrication–ironworks– shop–decorative or artistic–foundries & drivers 3041 Memorial plaque fabrication–metal–& drivers 3041 Sculptures, hand formed–metal–& drivers 3041 Sun dial fabrication–metal–& drivers 3041 Wrought iron furniture mfg.–& drivers 3042 Elevator or escalator mfg. 3064 Sign mfg.–silk-screen printing–metal 3064 Neon sign mfg. of metal awnings exclusively 3076 Awning mfg.–metal 3076 Casket or coffin mfg. or assembly– metal 3076 Coppersmith–shop 3076 Cryogenic device mfg.–sheet metal work 3076 Culvert mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Door mfg.–metal (light metal) 3076 Duct mfg.–air conditioning 3076 Fireproof equipment mfg.

& drivers 3022 Pipe manufacturing NOC & drivers 3022 Pipe or tube mfg.

3081 Foundry–ferrous–NOC 3081 Foundry–soil pipe using pit method 3082 Car wheel mfg.–railroad 3082 Foundry–steel castings 3085 Casting mfg. 3064 Sign mfg.–metal 3064 Sign mfg.–neon 3064 Sign mfg.–silk screen printing–metal 3076 Airplane subassemblies mfg.–metal cowling, wing, tabs, & aileron, etc. 3076 Furniture mfg.–metal 3076 Garment rack mfg.–metal 3076 Grain bin mfg. 3076 Hotel and restaurant kitchen equipment mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Ice cream cabinet mfg.–metal 3076 Incubator mfg.–metal 3076 Jalousie or jalousie screen manufacture–metal or glass 3076 Locker mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Oven mfg.–metal industrial drying ovens 3076 Oven mfg.–no mechanical parts 3076 Panel mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Partition mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Radiator cabinet or shield mfg.–metal 3076 Refrigerator mfg.–metal–household or commercial–all other than refrigerating unit 3076 Restaurant and hotel–kitchen equipment mfg.–sheet metal 3076 Sash mfg.–metal 3076 Satellite dish mfg.–metal mesh 3076 Sheet metal products mfg. 3076 Window sash mfg.–aluminum 3081 Bathtub mfg.–enameled iron 3081 Enameled iron ware mfg. 2735 Pencil stock mfg.–wood 2735 Pipe block or blank mfg.–wooden smoking 2735 Stave mfg.–wood 2759 Box or box shook mfg.–wooden 2759 Packing case mfg. 2916 Table & desk top mfg.–veneered, no veneer mfg. 2923 Musical instrument mfg.–wood–NOC 2923 Organ building & installation 2923 Piano keys mfg. for others–using non-ferrous metal 3085 Foundry–non-ferrous 3085 Shipbuilding–iron or steel–NOC & drivers–foundry–non-ferrous 3086 Foundry–malleable iron (WI) 3110 Chain mfg.–forged 3110 Forging work–drop or machine 3110 Tool mfg.–drop or machine forged NOC–forging 3111 Blacksmith 3111 Horseshoeing 3111 Pipe bending and cutting 3113 Bits–power tool mfg.–not drop or machine forged 3113 Machine tools (small) mfg.–not drop or machine forged 3113 Moulds mfg.–non-forged machined metal moulds for the plastic industry 3113 Plumber’s hand tool mfg.–not drop or machine forged 3113 Saw filer mfg.–not drop or machine forged 3113 Tool mfg.–not drop or machine forged NOC 3113 Twist drills mfg.–not drop or machine forged 3113 Watchmaker tool mfg.–not drop or machine forged 3114 Bits–power tool mfg.–drop or machine forged 3114 Machine tools (small) mfg.–drop or machine forged 3114 Moulds mfg.–forged machined metal moulds for the plastic industry 3114 Plumber’s hand tool mfg.–drop or machine forged 3114 Saw filer mfg.–drop or machine forged 3114 Tool mfg.–drop or machine forged NOC–machining 3114 Twist drills mfg.–drop or machine forged 3114 Watchmaker tool mfg.–drop or machine forged 3118 File mfg. 2 BEDROOM EXECUTIVE PLUS Our 2 Bedroom Executive Plus has one king bed (or queen) in Bedroom 1 and bedding varies per Bedroom 2 and the den and the living room. The unit offers a dining area, as well as a kitchen with fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and living area, TV, DVD, fireplace, personal outdoor hot tub, balcony, and private laundry facilities.

2 BEDROOM PLATINUM Our 2 Bedroom Platinum has one king bed in bedroom 1, one double /single bunk in bedroom 2 and one queen sleeper sofas in the living room. The unit offers a dining area, as well as a kitchen with fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and living area, TV, DVD, fireplace, personal outdoor hot tub, balcony, and private laundry facilities. & drivers 1472 Alcohol mfg.–wood & drivers 1472 Camphine mfg. or slate splitting & drivers 1624 Silica rock quarry–& drivers 1624 Slag digging and crushing–& drivers 1624 Slate quarry–& drivers 1624 Slate splitting or roofing slate mfg. 1654 Quarry–cement rock–surface–& drivers 1655 Lime mfg.–quarry–surface–& drivers 1655 Quarry–limestone–surface–& drivers 1699 Fiberglass mfg. 1699 Shale aggregate production 1699 Vermiculite mfg. & drivers 1803 Limestone cutting or polishing–& drivers 1803 Lithographing stone mfg.–no quarrying–& drivers 1803 Marble cutting or polishing–& drivers 1803 Millstone mfg.–& drivers 1803 Monument dealer–wholesale or retail–& drivers 1803 Oil or hone stone mfg. for insulation purposes 1699 Insulating mfg.–mineral process 1699 Mineral wool mfg. & drivers 1803 Sand blasting of castings–& drivers 1803 Slate milling–& drivers 1803 Soapstone or soapstone products mfg.–& drivers 1803 Stone cutting or polishing NOC & drivers 1807 Stone cutting or polishing NOC–stone with less than 5% silica & drivers (WI) 1808 Stone cutting or polishing NOC–granite or stone with at least 5% silica & drivers (WI) 1852 Asbestos cement or shingle mfg. 1852 Asbestos pipe covering mfg.–from sheet asbestos–no asbestos weaving 1853 Mica goods mfg. or wire drawing–not iron or steel 1924 Wire drawing or cable mfg.–not iron or steel 1925 Die casting mfg.2002 Pasta or noodle mfg. If you know the numeric code you are looking for, you can type it in, and the page for that code will be in the search results. from woven fibers 2220 Carpet or rug mfg.–jute or hemp 2220 Chenille cloth manufacturing 2220 Cordage, rope or twine mfg. 2388 Nailhead ornamentation 2388 Pleating and stitching or tucking–not clothing manufacturing 2388 Trimmings–manufacturing fancy trimming or piping–not manufacturing binding tape or ribbon 2388 Trimmings or ribbons–hand sewing on finished garments 2402 Carpet or rug mfg. including assembly of components 2883 Tank, seat or cabinet mfg.–toilet–wood 2913 Basket mfg.–willow ware 2913 Fiber furniture mfg. If you do not know the numeric code that you are looking for, try searching “Workers compensation code [Keyword for the industry].” That search query will yield results for any workers compensation codes of which the keyword is included in the phraseology of the class code. 2065 Malted milk mfg.–including dehydration of milk 2065 Milk products mfg. 2070 Buttermilk mfg.–& drivers 2070 Butter or cheese mfg. & drivers 2143 Winery & drivers 2157 Ale bottling–& drivers 2157 Beer bottling–& drivers 2157 Beverage mfg.–carbonated–all operations, route supervisors & drivers 2157 Bottling NOC & route supervisors, drivers 2157 Bottling of wine–carbonated–& drivers 2157 Carbonated beverage mfg.–all operations & route supervisors, drivers 2157 Cream–aerated under pressure–& drivers 2157 Soft drinks–canning–carbonated–& drivers 2172 Cigarette filter mfg. NOC 2220 Cord or twine mfg.–cotton 2220 Cotton spinning and weaving 2220 Flax spinning and weaving 2220 Hemp or jute spinning and weaving 2220 Jute or hemp spinning and weaving 2220 Linen cloth mfg. 2220 Mop head mfg.–from cotton waste 2220 Rope, cordage or twine mfg. NOC 2402 Chenille carpet manufacturing 2402 Hose mfg.–woven fire hose from linen thread 2402 Rug mfg.–braided rugs 2402 Rug or carpet mfg. 2501 Doll clothing, cloth dolls or cloth parts mfg. 2913 Furniture mfg.–rattan, willow or twisted fiber 2913 Plants (fibrous) goods mfg. Wisconsin is not under the jurisdiction of the NCCI classification system. 2501 Awning or tent mfg.–shop 2501 Bag or sack mfg.–cloth 2501 Bag renovating 2501 Sail making 2501 Window shade mfg. 2585 Carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning–shop or outside & drivers 2585 Diaper service & route supervisors, drivers 2585 Laundry NOC & route supervisors, drivers 2585 Laundry–non-fabric goods 2585 Rug, carpet or upholstery–cleaning–shop or outside–& drivers 2585 Upholstery, carpet or rug cleaning & drivers 2585 Venetian blind laundries–& drivers 2586 Cleaning or dyeing & route supervisors, drivers 2586 Dyeing or cleaning & route supervisors, drivers 2586 Feather dyeing–& drivers 2586 Fur clothing–cleaning, tumbling, glazing, combing and ironing–& drivers 2589 Dry cleaning and laundry store–retail–& route supervisors, drivers 2589 Laundry and dry cleaning store–retail–& route supervisors, drivers 2600 Fur dressing or dyeing 2600 Fur processing–preparing skins 2600 Hair–preparation for brush manufacturers (dehairing to be separately rated) 2623 Leather dressing 2623 Leather embossing 2623 Leather mfg.–including tanning, leather embossing, and wool pulling 2623 Sheepskin pickling 2623 Tanning 2623 Wool pulling 2651 Gasket or washer mfg.–not metal 2651 Shoe findings mfg. 2651 Washer or gasket mfg.–not metal 2660 Boot or shoe mfg. 2790 Wood carving–by hand or machine 2797 Manufactured, modular, or prefabricated home manufacturing– shop work–all operations & drivers 2799 Manufactured, modular, or prefabricated home setup, hookup, or installation at building site 2802 Carpentry–shop only–& drivers 2835 Brush or broom assembly 2835 Mop mfg.–assembly only 2836 Brush or broom mfg. 2841 Bobbin and spool mfg.–wood 2841 Box mfg.–wood frames for traveling or luggage bags 2841 Brush or broom handle mfg. of complete match) 2841 Peg and skewer mfg.–wood 2841 Pipe mfg.–wooden, tobacco 2841 Pulley block mfg.–wood 2841 Saddle tree mfg. 2841 Ski manufacturing–wood 2841 Spool mfg.–wood 2841 Toothpick mfg.