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A column 2D chart with y-axis values skipped to render only alternate values looks as below: will show labels for January, April, July and October. This attribute can also assume default values based on the space available in the chart to render y-axis values, and can override the values provided to avoid overlapping of y-axis values.

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I wanted to update my post in the event someone else came across it.I am using to render my html from the json that is getting output via the Element API.HECAP is used to dealing with severe injuries with only limited medical supplies.HECAP treated so many gunshot wounds over the years that even seeing a gun made HIM uncomfortable.Teenage colonists that age naturally to 20 years old will not gain an adulthood backstory.

Currently there are over 100 childhood backstories and about 30 adult backstories.

NAME became a gifted pharmaceutical scientist, but was captured by slavers.

HECAP was sold to a warlord and forced to create drugs to test on other slaves.

This left HIM with deep and troubling questions on the ethics of scientific research and medicine. Having been designed to be inhumanly attractive and too weak to rebel against HIS masters, HE was passed between dozens of owners and knew nothing of freedom.

Note: Automatically grants the beautiful trait NAME graduated from the Star Academy with honors and distinguished HIMself as an ace fighter pilot in three campaigns against more advanced aggressor cultures.

NAME traveled from planet to planet, gathering samples, stories, and research.