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Inside was a battery pack and “image apparatus” to process and store the recordings. It was attached to a computer he wired into a steel-frame backpack.

With these devices, he saw everything through a video lens, and, as with his early version of the Walkman, could block out external “pollution,” as he puts it.

Evidence synthesis of qualitative and quantitative research on component intervention techniques, effectiveness, cost effectiveness, equity and acceptability of different versions of health-related lifestyle adviser role in improving health.

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It weighed about eighty pounds, and featured a thick helmet with antennae sticking out of the top, a camera viewfinder over the right eye, and several snaking cords attached to a base station worn on his waist. The next version of the Wear Comp, which Mann completed during his high school years – he spent much of his time alone, working on his projects, as a teen – had a joystick and graphical interface, and allowed him to link to other computers via a wireless data connection.

Pioneering scientists once used these contraptions to measure sound and light waves. For Mann, a tenured professor at the school, the anachronistic mess is deliberate.

“Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated with how things work, and thus surrounded myself with things like lock-in amplifiers, cathode-ray oscillographs, and the like,” he says.

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“To lead a team to invent the future, we need to understand what came before.