What they found was that hooking up — defined as “physical contact with no expectation of emotional attachment or continuing social relationship” — was endemic.

And the school, by promoting sexual license with no social stigma or normative standards through heavily sexualized student orientation sessions and in the curriculum, made things worse.


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But a year later, he has announced he is leaving Bowdoin.

Dartmouth’s Hanlon should read the report and take note.

If Dartmouth wants to curb drinking, how about a policy that says any underage student found with a blood alcohol level of .05 will be put on suspension and a second infraction will result in expulsion — and mandatory expulsion for any student who provides alcohol to someone underage?

Harsh, yes — but you can bet students would be a lot more careful about their drinking habits.

Dartmouth has seen a large decline in applications over the past year, down 14 percent. Maybe it means that parents as well as prospective students are rethinking the allure of a school that marries a party atmosphere to political correctness.

The cure, however, is not more sensitivity training and gender-neutral bathrooms.

Bowdoin banned fraternities years ago, but binge drinking and sexual assaults didn’t disappear along with the Greek system.