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Unprecedented experiences and unlimited possibilities The excitement about VR stems from what it can do.

VR will bring a new paradigm for how we interact with the world, changing how we play, learn, and communicate.

Imagine being virtually transported to the best seat in the arena at the World Cup finals, or to a classroom where you can learn from the best professors across the world, or to a special family event.Our imagination and creativity are the only limits to VR’s possibilities.It will offer unprecedented experiences and unlimited possibilities that allow us to live out our dreams on-demand.We’ll be able to be anywhere and do anything, with anyone.For visual quality, we want pixels so realistic that they are eventually indistinguishable from the real world.

To accomplish this, we need extreme pixel quantity and quality, a 360-degree spherical view, and stereoscopic displays.I hazarded an (admittedly French) joke: “Might as well have been Saint Christopher’s Day.” She “laughed” (“Hahahaha”) and I was encouraged. That’s when I upped my game, “Well I make an excellent ratatouille! No “good bye” or “sorry I have spinning.” My culinary coming-out obviously failed to impress.For years, dating sites, newspapers, TV — heck, even books — convinced young single Frenchmen like me that New York would be a dating paradise. There are more single women than there are single men,” people kept telling me after I moved here, “They’re going to adore your French accent.” But you can’t hear a sexy accent over a chat function, and I have met many wonderful women in this volatile city who eventually reveal themselves to be “too busy,” disillusioned, in very high demand, already taken, or simply “not interested.” Of course like all unlucky-in-love I ask myself: is it me?In a previous blog post, I explained how fully immersive experiences with our devices can be achieved only by simultaneously focusing on the broader dimensions of visual quality, sound quality, and intuitive interactions.When you think of immersive experiences, virtual reality (VR) should immediately pop into your head.For sound quality, we want sound so accurate that it is true to life and completely in synch with the visuals.