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But a fortnight ago her eyes became so irritated her eyelids swelled and she was unable to open them.Xu was taken to hospital where doctors found more than 100 mites living in her eyelashes.

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IF you ever needed a reminder to wash your bedding this is it – a woman had more than 100 mites living in her EYELASHES after failing to wash her pillowcase for five years.

The woman, known only by the name Xu, had itchy red eyes for two years before she went to the doctor.She admitted she had been using the same pillow case since 2012 and had simply become used to the uncomfortable feeling around her eyes.She told doctors at a hospital in Wuhan, in the central Chinese province of Hubei, that she had been treating the itchiness with over-the-counter eye drops.This is better than a money back guarantee because we don't ask you for any money until you have found someone you want to get naughty with GUARANTEED !Online Adult Dating in the UK has never been easier Just some of the fantastic stuff available to our members on Fish Adult Dating Not looking for a long term relationship, but still want some fun between the sheets?Louis Carr established the Dirty Little Secrets: Men Only Edition Conference to bring together top thought leaders in the country within their respective fields.