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With her expert knowledge and upbeat, no-nonsense approach, Patti will motivate and guide you through all the stages, including: ~~Dating Detox: Take a break to focus on yourself and identify what you want out of life ~~Meeting Your Match: Put yourself out there and attract men who want to get married ~~10 Commandments of Dating: Rules for the first date and beyond ~~Red Flags: When and how to move on from a losing relationship ~~Negotiating the Ring: Sealing the deal within a year!

Female fans of Patti Stanger, TV's Millionaire Matchmaker, who've secretly wanted to hire Stanger to remake their own love lives as she does for her hapless millionaires, will love Married in a Year.

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In your consultation, they will go over what it is you are looking for in a mate, and what type(s) of women you are attracted to.Then, they will show you the various women they have on file.Hilights grow out much more gently than an all over color, and generally, only need to be touched up every 3 months. A weekly deep condition is an absolute, whether done in a salon or at home.This is probably the most undervalued tip in the bunch.And they only admit 5 new male members into their service per month in each city (per matchmaker), which enables them to provide these members with an optimal level of personalized service.

If you are a millionaire, they will complete your initial personal consultation either on the phone or in person.

You need to perk up your appearance (use Spanx, whiten your teeth, dress like you want a man to notice you, and for heaven's sake, cover up that cleavage! And you need to communicate clearly what your own needs are.

As the year progresses, if you hit the big stumbling blocks, you need to be willing to move on--even if you really love the guy. Hurley I watched it a couple of years ago and I was not married within a year but that might have more to do with the user than the advice.

Stanger also hangs out with some frank-talking men who speak about their own deal-breakers in a relationship, what they expect and look for in a potential long-term mate, and what mistakes women make from the male perspective.

And women, Stanger will not be going easy on you, either.

Stanger's no-nonsense approach is one of her best qualities, and Married in a Year is Stanger at her most caustic, and most insightful.